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Bunga Dea Laraswati
Bunga Dea Laraswati

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Tjufoo is a startup brand aggregator in Indonesia that follows the House of Brands concept and is committed to elevating the level of Indonesian MSMEs. One of their goals is to accelerate the growth of MSMEs by acquiring local brands in the Direct to Consumer category, which refers to selling products directly to consumers without intermediaries.

Since Tjufoo's inception, it has successfully improved the performance of the brands that have joined its digital ecosystem, aided by an experienced team and the necessary technology for MSMEs. Tjufoo supports brands in two crucial areas of business, namely marketing, and operations. Regarding marketing, Tjufoo helps MSMEs build a robust infrastructure to strengthen brand building and optimize their digital presence. This strategy allows brands to connect more effectively with consumers and achieve bigger business goals. In terms of operations, Tjufoo supports internal business needs by automating workforce management, inventory, consumer services, merchandising, and procurement services, streamlining all operational processes to make them efficient.

Last year, Tjufoo aimed to accelerate the growth of MSMEs in Indonesia by acquiring potential local brands. However, MSME entrepreneurs in Indonesia always face complex capital problems that hinder growth. To ensure sustainable growth aligned with the times, Tjufoo provides mentoring from successful individuals in cross-sector companies like Apple, Grab, Amazon, SAP, and JP Morgan.

Tjufoo currently provides job opportunities for Data Analytics Senior Associate with a minimum of three years of working experience based in Jakarta.

Job Description

  • Monitor P&L figures of all Tjufoo’s existing brands/ portfolio companies (P&L achievement vs. budget/ target, mainly for revenue, GM%, and EBITDA)
  • Deep dive on our sales achievements by sales channel, top customers, and top SKUs/ categories) and campaign/ event results (Tokopedia WIB & GoPay Kebut, Shopee DD, Jakarta Fair, etc.)
  • Synthesize the key takeaways from the financial results for our key learnings and decision-making for future key growth initiatives.
  • Simulate financial analysis for strategic growth initiatives for cost-benefit analysis and decision making.
  • Coordinate with the Portfolio Managers to develop relevant data templates and conduct data gathering.
  • Create relevant dashboards via Data Visualization tools (e.g. Power BI)

Job Requirements

  • Minimum three years of working experience in start-up companies with strong experience within FMCG industry
  • Excellent numerical, data analytical, and Excel skills
  • A strong foundation for finance knowledge (mainly for the P&L and revenue analysis)
  • Experience in building dashboards via Data Visualization tools (e.g. Power BI)
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite programs – Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook
  • Strong spoken and written fluency in both English and Bahasa Indonesia
  • Strong leadership skills but at the same time able to be a good team player
  • Willing to be based in Central Jakarta

If you are interested in applying for this position, please email your CV to with the subject "Data Analytics Sr. Associate"

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