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PT. Infomedia Nusantara currently provides job opportunities for Data Engineer. If you are interested in applying for this position, please check this out!

Bunga Dea Laraswati
Bunga Dea Laraswati

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PT. Infomedia Nusantara is a Telkom Group subsidiary engaged in publishing and advertising media as a communication bridge between business people and as an information channel for Telkom customers.

Established in 1975, PT. Infomedia Nusantara started a business under PT. Elnusa Yellow Pages as the publisher of the Telkom Yellow Pages Telephone Manual and in 1995 officially dissolved PT. Elnusa Yellow Pages became PT. Infomedia Nusantara due to the takeover of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk. as the holder of more than 51% shares of Infomedia.

With more than 22 years of experience managing contact centers, Infomedia has become the market leader (by market share) in contact center service providers in Indonesia. Along with the development of digital technology, Infomedia has developed their business in Business Process Outsourcing, where their core business focuses on CRM (Customer Relation Management), SSO (Shared Service Operation).

During 2021 PT. Infomedia Nusantara has 299 employees of various ages and provides equal job opportunities, both for men and women. To deal with differences and knowledge gaps between employees, the company builds a knowledge-sharing culture, namely a learning culture, and can be followed by all employees.

Infomedia implements a corporate culture that aligns with the direction of the Telkom Group and the Ministry of SOEs, Core Values ​​AKHLAK (Amanah, Kompeten, Harmonis, Loyal, Adaptif, dan Kolaboratif) as Infomedia's corporate culture.

PT Infomedia Nusantara currently provides job opportunities for Data Engineer (Full-Time) with 1-4 years of experience based in Jakarta.

Job Requirements

  • Minimum education S1 from Information Technology or Information Systems or equivalent
  • Familiar with programming languages ​​such as Pentaho, Knime, Rapid Miner or SPSS, Hadoop or Spark, Python or R or C++, SQL or No SQL Database

Job Descriptions

  • Build robust systems for data ingestion and processing
  • Carry out the Extract Transform Load (ETL) process
  • Explore and research new methods to collect data and improve its quality
  • Creating Data Architecture to meet business standards
  • Responsible for generating structured solutions by integrating multiple programming languages ​​and tools
  • Manage MetaData and other information related to the maintained data
  • Can work with other team members

If you are interested in applying for this position, please email your CV and Portfolio to with subject: Nama_Nama Posisi_TextAI

Job Opportunities

Bunga Dea Laraswati

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